• previous sunday school room

    Previous to this mission trip the children were having their Sunday School classes in the bottom part of the church as seen in the picture above. It was on old pews with no place for the children to learn in a child-like enviroment.


    The mission team cleared the room so that the remodel could begin in order to make a more conducive environment for the children to have their Sunday School classes. Everything had to be cleared out and prepped.

  • new sunday school room

    The team and the St. Lucians worked all week to turn the children's classroom into a fun learning classroom. The mission team bought tables and chairs so that the kids could do crafts to go with their bible story for the day. The team also brought down materials and supplies for the children's classroom.


    The theme for vacation bible school was "Geared Up for God". The mission team has Vacation bible school for 4 days for over 150 children from all the surrounding communities. They would learn a bible story each day and memorize bible verses. One of their favorite times is the music time when they would learn fun songs about God and how much he loved them. 29 children gave their life to Christ. Praise God!

  • vacation bible school- crafts

    Each day at vacation bible school the children had a craft. They loved craft time! The mission team has to bring all the materials for crafts to St. Lucia with them since supplies are limited on the island. One day the children painted rocks to hide in their community with sayings on them so when people in the community would find the rocks it would show them Jesus was thinking of them. 


    The mission team assisted Fellowship Baptist Church with giving the church a new paint job inside and out. The team supplied the funds for all the paint and brought all the supplies in from the states. Supplies and materials are very expensive on the island. This helped show the community the love that Christ people have helping one another and brought attention to the church from the surrounding communities. 

  • Women's fellowship on the beach

    On the last Sunday that the Hillside mission team was in St. Lucia we had fellowship on the beach. This has become everyone's favorite time where one on one relationships have time to be built and ministered to. They love to sit together and sing worship songs at the beach. The women have developed such a close bond as sisters in Christ. These relationships have even continued after the team has returned to the states. 

  • men's fellowship on the beach

    Fellowship among the men was exciting to see. The Hillside Mission team brought footballs and soccer balls to the beach and what a time it was seeing the St. Lucians learn how to throw a football. Life long relationships were formed as they encourage them to live a Christ like life and to become strong in God's Word.


    Hillside sent a mission team of 9 people that did an amazing job sharing the Word of God with the St. Lucians. The love in their heart for Christ and the St. Lucian people warms our heart.