St. Lucia Mission Trip- August 2019

A team of 12 people from Hillside Community Church went to St. Lucia to assist a local church, Fellowship Baptist Church, with sharing Christ with their community. They helped conduct a vacation bible school with the theme of "Athens- Paul's dangerous journey to share the gospel". The children would be broken up into six smaller groups, whose name would be a city that Paul visited, and discuss the bible lesson each day and how to apply it into their lives. One of the nights the team helped assist with a youth event to help reach the youth in the local communities. Then on Emancipation Day, they help the local church to conduct a full community outreach to share the love of Christ with a bbq, games, crafts, prayer and sharing. 

  • Mission Team

    In August 2019, Hillside Community Church sent a team of 12 to St. Lucia to work in partnership with Fellowship Baptist Church in Jacmel, St. Lucia on conducting several community events. 

  • Waiting for vacation bible school

    The children of the community have been eagerly awaiting vacation bible school all year. In fact, during the year they will be asking, "How much longer until VBS?"

  • going into the communities

    The mission team would work side by side with the local church to share the news of VBS, the youth events and community outreach. During this time opportunities would arise to be able to share about Christ love. 

  • Lystra Group

  • Corinth Group

  • Troas group

  • phillipi goup

  • thessalonica group

  • colossae group

  • daily bible lessons

    Each day at VBS there would be another lesson of Paul and his journey's to share the gospel of Christ. 

  • Olympic games

    The children  really looked forward to the Olympic games each day where they would get to play games and have the different groups compete against each other.

  • worship

    Worship is such an important part of showing your love to our Lord and Savior. Being able to worship with others from another part of the world is extra special. 

  • holding christ's hand

    This was all the children that wanted to hold hands with Christ and let Him lead them in their life. They wrote their name on the hand and pinned it to the cross. 

  • craft time

    The craft time is always a favorite time of the children. A special "Thank You" to Lake Country Church for donating all the church bird houses. They loved them!

  • sharing the compassion of christ

    There is always those special moments to be able to show compassion and the love that Christ has for us. 

  • Picking up the kids for VBS

  • relationships

  • Outreach in the community

  • working together

  • face painting during community event

  • sharing opportunities at church with community

  • sometimes you just need a hug

  • vbs-feeding the children

  • Youth community outreach