Sea of Hope Ministries is a non-profit that's vision is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through His message of HOPE in such a way that it turns non-Christians into believers,  believers into disciples, and disciples into mature, fruitful leaders, who will in turn go into the world and reach others for Christ. 

Our mission is to be a ministry that teaches every person can have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to eternal living now, so that God's will and ways are and can be carried out in everyday lives, communities and the world.


We believe and follow the Great Commission given in Matthew 28:16-20. Christ gives us the authority to make disciples of all nations by teaching them the ways of Christ. It starts by teaching the Word of God and how to study His Word for understanding and knowledge.   


Throughout the Bible we are told to encourage one another. Encouragement is a necessity to one's walk by faith. The Bible tells us to encourage one another, to remind each other of the truth that God loves us, that God equips us, that we are treasured, that our struggles are worth it.



An authentically empowered person is humble in Christ. True humility never looks down on others. Through inspiration and training we give our students and families the tools they need for success through the Word of God. This will give them the confidence and empowerment to make positive changes through Christ's Word.   

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